Top 20 cái “nhất” của vua chúa Việt Nam trong lịch sử

1. In the least throne: King Le Trung Tong and King Nguyen Duc Duc


– King Le Trung Tong (former Le house) and King Nguyen Duc Duc (Nguyen Phuc Ung Chan), each stayed on the throne for 3 days, did not have time to set the era name. When Le Hoan died, the children killed each other. After 8 months of fierce fighting, Trung Tong ascended the throne. After 3 days, he was killed by his brother Le Long Dinh.

– Duc Duc ascended the throne according to the will of Tu Duc. The two main ministers, Nguyen Van Tuong and Ton That Thuyet, complained that Duc Duc wanted to change the decree, so he asked Tran Tien Thanh to read it less (the passage said that the king’s eyes were defective, his calculation was lustful ….), there was mourning. still using colored clothes….offering to the empress dowager to place another king. The king was deposed after being crowned for 3 days (July 20, 21, 22, 1883), imprisoned and starved, and then died.

2. The latest to ascend the throne: King Tran Nghe Tong


King Tran Nghe Tong, ascended to the throne when he was 49 years old, after overthrowing his son-in-law Duong Nhat Le. Duong Nhat Le was also the only person who did not carry the surname Tran as king under the Tran dynasty. After Tran Du Tong died, Le was brought to the throne by Du Tong’s mother, Hien Tu Tuyen Thanh, empress dowager. Having obtained the throne, Le turned back to persecute her and the Tran nobles in order to gain power for the Duong family. After staying on the throne for more than five years, Tran Nghe Tong killed her.

Late to the throne, there are also Le Thai To (Le Loi) at 43 years old and Tien Ngo Vuong (Ngo Quyen) at 40 years old. These are the first two kings of the dynasty, ascended to the throne 500 years apart and both had to go through arduous battles to gain independence and sovereignty for our nation.

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3. The earliest to ascend the throne: King Le Nhan Tong


King Le Nhan Tong ascended the throne at the age of 1 year and 6 months. King is the third son of Le Thai Tong. Thai Tong died early, at the age of 19, in the case of Le Chi Vien, 4 months later Nhan Tong ascended the throne, power at this time in the hands of Queen Mother Tuyen Tu. Nhan Tong was on the throne for 17 years when he was killed by his brother Le Nghi Dan and his rebel followers.

Early crowned kings also included: Tran Thieu De at 2 years old, Ly Cao Tong at 2 years and 2 months old and Ly Anh Tong at 2 years and 6 months.

4. The only queen: Ly Chieu Hoang


King Lee Chieu Hoang (Ly Phat Kim), ascended the throne in October 1224. The king was the second son of Ly Hue Tong. Hue Tong did not have a son, so he passed the throne to his daughter and became a monk. Chieu Hoang stayed on the throne for more than a year, then was forced to cede the throne to her husband, 8-year-old Tran Canh, ending the 215-year reign of the Ly dynasty. However, the queen also had a reign as Thien Chuong Huu Dao (1224-1225). When she was 19 years old, she was invalidated and demoted as a princess because she had no children with Tran Canh, in her place was her biological sister named Thuan Thien. At the age of 40, she was married to Le Tan, a famous general of the Tran Dynasty, gave birth to 2 children, aged 60.

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5. Longest living: Lord Nguyen Hoang


Lord Nguyen Hoang, life 88 years old. He was the first person to give birth to the history of the Nguyen Dynasty, 9 lords and 13 kings, known to the common people as Lord Tien. The Lord’s career began in October 1558 when he entered the town of Thuan Hoa, in order to escape the eyes and ears of the Trinh family. God had the merit of expanding our country to the south, the border during his reign to present day Phu Yen province.

6. Worst life: King Le Gia Tong


King Le Gia Tong, 14 years old. The king who succeeded his brother, Le Huyen Tong at the age of 10, honored his adoptive mother as the concubine of Lord Trinh Doanh as Quoc Thai Mau, while his biological mother was only honored as Chieu Nghi. The king reigned for 4 years, set 2 era names, died in 1675, had no children, the throne belonged to his brother, Le Hy Tong.

In this ranking, there is also King Kien Phuc (Nguyen Phuc Ung Dang) who enjoys a 15-year-old yang, King Le Tuc Tong enjoys a 16-year-old yang.

7. Has the most children: King Minh Mang


King Minh Mang, 142 children. In addition to concubine Ho Thi Hoa (later King Thieu Tri’s mother), Minh Mang had hundreds of other concubines and concubines, of which 40 had children with the king, totaling 78 princes and 64 queens. Not telling the story of the harem, Minh Mang was a king of literature and martial arts, making our country one of the most powerful countries in Southeast Asia at that time. King reigned for 20 years (1820-1840), aged 49 years.

8. Most crowned: King Le Than Tong


King Le Than Tong, twice as king. Crowned for the first time in 1619, after 24 years on the throne, he ceded the throne to his eldest son, Le Chan Tong. After that because Chan Tong died without having an heir, Than Tong had to be crowned again in 1649, twice in the throne for a total of 37 years, and set 6 era names. When he died, the king passed the throne to his second son, Le Huyen Tong.

9. Two kings were in the same throne: Nam Tan Vuong (Ngo Xuong Van) and Thien Sach Vuong (Ngo Xuong Ngan)


Nam Tan Vuong (Ngo Xuong Van) and Thien Sach Vuong (Ngo Xuong Ngan), two children of Ngo Quyen, ascended the throne in 951. Initially, the two brothers took care of the government. Later, he was the dominant autocratic Book Vuong. After being on the throne for 3 years, he died of illness; I was 14 years old when I died in battle, the country fell into chaos with 12 warlords.

10. The longest reigning dynasty: Later Le Dynasty


Hau Le House. In terms of name, the Le family passed the throne for 360 years (1428-1788), through 27 kings, divided into 2 periods: the early Le dynasty consisted of 11 first kings, this was a prosperous period; During the Le Trung Hung period, there were 16 kings later, power was gradually taken away, only a symbolic name.

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11. Having the most brilliant name in the period of peaceful rule of the country: King Le Thanh Tong


King Le Thanh Tong. King is the fourth child of Le Thai Tong and his mother is Ngo Thi Ngoc Dao, born in 1442, ascended to the throne in 1460 after his brother Le Nghi Dan was killed, reigned for 37 years, set 2 eras as Quang Thuan and Hong Duc. 55 years old. Le Thanh Tong has an intelligent personality, studies hard, knows a lot, and is good at practice. Under the reign of Thanh Tong in all aspects, our country advanced to a high level that has never been reached before, the prestige of our country at that time was illustrious.

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12. Leaving the worst mark, condemned for treason: King Le Chieu Thong


King Le Chieu Thong. In October 1788, the king and queen empress carried 30,000 Qing troops to trample the mountains and rivers. Chieu Thong is only the era name, and the temple name must be Le Man De, historians can say that according to people’s bad memories of this king, it is still called Le Chieu Thong. This is the last king of the Le dynasty for 360 years, after living in exile in China and died there, at the age of 28.

13. Closest to our time, the last representative of Vietnamese feudalism: King Bao Dai


King Bao Dai (Nguyen Phuc Vinh Thuy). King was born on October 22, 1913, son of Khai Dinh, ascended the throne on January 5, 1926, after being crowned, continued to study in France. In September 1932, Bao Dai returned to the country and repaired the main court.

The August Revolution was successful in Hue, on July 18, the 20th year of the Rooster, Bao Dai, ie August 30, 1945, King Bao Dai on the Ngo Mon floor handed over the seal of the sword to the representative of the Revolution, the yellow flag with hexagrams. Pulled down, the red flag with yellow star flutters on the Phu Van Lau flagpole, representing the end of the monarchy.

14. Rule the largest territory: Minh Mang


Minh Mang (1820-1840) ruled the largest territory, because at that time, the Nguyen Dynasty still ruled over a part of the eastern part of Laos (Sam Nua, Xavannakhet, Kham Keut, Muong Lam, Sam Teu… ) quit his job”protection“Cambodia changed it to Tran Tay and merged into Dai Nam territory.

15. The only king with many wives without even one child: Nguyen Phuc Hong Nham


Nguyen Phuc Hong Nham (1829-1883), king of Tu Duc, had more than three hundred wives (in which he married a woman who had been married and had children with her previous husband) and also used the precious medicine “Nhat da, Luc Giao, born with five children” (1 night, 6 times meeting his wife, giving birth to 5 children) like Tu Duc’s grandfather Minh Mang had 142 children, but in the end Tu Duc was still the only king who had so many children. many wives without any biological children.

16. Toughest and most brutal: Trinh Sam


Trinh Sam (1738-1782) was famous as the most tough and fierce lord. His younger brother, Le, was about to usurp the throne, but Sam killed it; then imprisoned Crown Prince Le Duy Vi to death. Sam personally led the army to capture the land of Thuan Quang of the Nguyen lord, and then proclaimed himself as Master Patriarch Due Doan Van, Vu Duc Tinh Vuong.

17. Most Cowardly: Lord Trinh Bong


Lord Trinh Bong (1740-1787), proud warrior brought to the throne, Bong many times fled from the lord’s palace, then cut his head to become an itinerant monk in Lang Son – Cao Bang; After all the military pride, the mandarins found that Bong himself denied that he was not a descendant of the Trinh family; After revealing his whereabouts, he still refused to return to be the lord, then hid in the deep forest until he died and disappeared.

18. The first king to marry a foreign wife: Le Duy Ky


Le Duy Ky (1607-1662), was the first king to marry a foreigner (Netherlands), the statue of this Western wife is still in the palace on the way to Thanh Hoa city, although there were 5 years ago. wives of 5 different ethnicities.

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19. The most filial king: Tu Duc


He is the most filial king of the 13 emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. The mother, Mrs. Tu Du, was cared for, respected and obeyed by the king. When she told her to pay attention to anything, the king immediately wrote it down in his personal book and pondered it, called it “Tu coachlu” (the book of the mother’s teachings). During the 36 years of consulship to the throne,

Tu Duc always spends even days on the health and well-being of his mother, and on odd days, he takes care of court affairs, not because he sits on the seat of power and authority but neglects his duty as a son. Not only that, there is nothing to worry about, the king immediately consulted to be taught. Therefore, she once proposed to reduce taxes for the people in times of natural disasters, crop failure, famine, the king all followed her mother’s wishes.

Once, tomorrow was the anniversary of the death anniversary of the emperor Thieu Tri, but that day the king was eager to hunt, encountered a sudden strong flood, the military officers did not dare to sail back to the palace, had to be stuck in the suburbs of Thuan forest. Direct. Mrs. Tu Du sent official Nguyen Tri Phuong to procession, when entering the palace, the king knew his mistake, offered a whip, and lay down to wait for reprimand. She was angry, turned her face away and did not speak, then she excused the punishment, only rebuking her teaching with words. Seeing that, it is enough to know that King Tu Duc worshiped his mother very filial piety.

20. Dynasty with the most kings killed while on the throne: Le Dynasty


The Le Dynasty had 9 kings killed on the throne: Le Bang Co (under the name Nhan Tong) was killed in 1459 at the age of 18; Le Nghi Dan killed his brother to usurp the throne, 1 year old, when he was 21 years old, he was killed in 1460; Le Tuan was king (Ui Muc title) for 5 years, when he was 21 years old, he was killed in 1509; Le Oanh killed Uy Muc to become king (under the title Tuong Duc) for 6 years, was killed in 1516 at the age of 23; Le Y (ie Hue) on the throne for 6 years (Chieu Tong name) was killed in 1530 at the age of 24; Le Xuan reigned on the throne (King Hoang) for 5 years, was killed in 1527 at the age of 20; Le Duy Bang reigned as king (named Anh Tong) for 17 years, was killed in 1573 at the age of 41; Le Duy Tan (King Tong) reigned for 20 years, was forced to die on December 5, 1619 at the age of 31; 20-year-old Le Duy Phuong (or Duong) was placed on the throne, was deposed for 3 years, in 1735, was forced to hang himself at the age of 27.

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